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[SNOOPER-DP] Safeway to school
SNOOPER-DP system easily build up a large deterrence for a school shooting. It is perfectly portable and fit for a random weapon check for schools. Below LINK leads to a short movie at a school in Indiana state.
[SNOOPER-DP] ISC West 2019
SNOOPER-DP system was introduced in ISC West 2019, in Las Vegas. SNOOPER-DP system is the stealth metal detector which can be used in any public place without an aversion.
[SNOOPER-DP] Jay county IN
In Jay county schools in INDIANA, the community board approved the use of our advanced metal detector, which is completely portable and non-coercive system.
[SNOOPER-DP] Novel metal detector
Secure Our School! SNOOPER-DP keeps our children safe in schools in Indiana and Florida. Our newly developed metal detector looks like just two standard barrier poles which keep the school remains a school.

Please contact to our partner Ballistiglass.

Click below to see the movie clip of the News
[SNOOPER-DP] Hidden metal detector
SNOOPER-DP systems start to protect our children and students of high schools in Indiana state of USA.

SNOOPER-DP system is the innovative design of invisible metal detector.

School should be a safe place, but it shouldn't look like a prison.
[SNOOPER-DP] Total Solution
Our partner AXXONSOFT released the new Axxon NEXT system that can embed SNOOPER-DPs. User can easily install the total security system including SNOOPER-DP's innovative functions. Please contact
[SNOOPER-DP] Monetary Authority
A SNOOPER-DP is installed at the front gate of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. People freely come-in and go-out, and simultaneously the security can easily check the amount of IRON OBJECT that is carried by the visitor.
[SNOOPER-DP] Intersec Saudi 2018
SNOOPER-DP was introduced in INTERSEC Saudi 2018 and got many spotlights from the relative security industries. Two micro MAD sensors of SNOOPER-DP are installed on the standard barrier poles. People do not feel any inconvenience and even they don't know they just passed a security system. Now SNOOPER-DP keeps the people's lives all over the world.
[SNOOPER-DP] Today's Online
Press the following link, then go to the full page of MAGO SNOOPER's article in Today's Online
On the exhibition of Safty and Security Asia 2017, SNOOPER-DP got heavy focuses from many experts and VIP including Singapore minister of state, Sam Tan. SNOOPER-DP is now keeping valuable people's lives all over the world.
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[CARDET] Parking controller without LOOP COIL
Many of parking control system in Korea is designed using CARDET sensor without LOOP COILs. Additional advantage of these system is that a heating system can be installed for preventing slippery road from snow.
[MAGO] New Excellent Technology
MAGO technology won the "NEW EXCELLENT TECHNOLOGY" that given by South Korea government at December 16 2020. The certification is presented to the best new technology in each areas every year. We MAGO technology are always trying to make improvement in sensor technology, and thank to our customers.
[CARDET-301] Drive through
At many of drive-in-restaurant in Korea, they use CARDET sensor for detection of a car. Old technology of LOOP COIL is easily failed, which brings the restaurant to stop selling their product. CARDET-301 is the best solution for drive-in facilities.
[CARDET-301] Easy sensor
More and more spread of untact economy makes many of drive-in facilities everywhere. CARDET-301 can be easily installed at any of place that needs detection of a car.
[CARDET-301] Smart hydrant
Illegal parking in front of a fire hydrant can be easily detected by a CARDET-301. The system can communicate with the head office using NB-IoT device for controlling the hydrant.
[CARDET-301] Direction detection of a truck
Exact detection of the direction of a truck is not a easy task. Trucks have a high height and a space between the ground and truck body, so a loop coil may recognize a truck as two or three. MAGO technology has a special detector system for truck and large sized vehicle.
[CARDET-301] Drive Thru
Vehicle sensor for DRIVE-THRU restaurant should have superior quality because the system should guarantee public safety. This picture shows CARDET system in a STARBUCKS drive-thru in South Korea.
[V-COUNTER] Counting vehicles(Japan)
V-COUNTER is recognized as the best counting device in parking industry all over the world. The picture shows installation example in Japan which country has originality in general sensor technology.
[CARDET-301] Mable floor, paving blocks
CARDET-301 can be installed in any place including marble floor or paving blocks, which is impossible for a loop coil. The next generation one body Parking Assistant Revenue System can be available by using CARDET-301.
[CARDET] Control of a Gate
The picture shows the gate control in Singapore. CARDET-101 opens the gate, which was buried under the pavement, and CARDET-301 closes the gate. CARDET is the best sensor that replace a loop coil with much more reliability.
[CARDET-301] CARDETs in Europe
MAGO technology is also well-known in the outside of Korea. Large amount of CARDET-301s are exported to foreign countries. The picture shows that two CARDET-301's were installed on the weight measurement system in Germany.
[CARDET-301] Sensor for highway
CARDET sensor is the best sensor for a highway, because it does not need ground construction and blocking the lane to set up the sensor. The direction detector of MAGO technology embed elaborate algorithms which shows superior reliability.
[CARDET-301] access control sensor
Recently, for a variety of building and structure design purpose, marble and bricks are used for the entrance and exit road. Unlike a loop coil, CARDET sensor does not be broken by the vibration or impact on the floor plate. It can be used for any place to improve the safety.
[CARDET-301] Drive-in cafe
Famous coffee brand of COFFEE BEAN in Korea uses CARDET-301 sensor for their drive-in cafe to detect a car in front of an order kiosk.
[V-COUNTER] most accurate counter
Usually conventional vehicle counter system requires a large number of sensors on every parking space. Meanwhile, a V-COUNTER system needs only two attached sensors at the entrance to make accurate counting function in a parking area. V-COUNTER is the most accurate and economic solution for counting vehicles in a parking center.
[CARDET-301] sensor for caller
CARDET-301 make it easy to communicate a visitor to the keeper. The sensor automatically let them know of the arrival of a visitor without expensive ground construction.
[CARDET-301] Sensor for rotary table
In a crowded city, many parking towers have a rotary table for changing the direction of the vehicle. CARDET-301 is the perfect sensor for the rotary table in the limited space.
[CARDET-301] Drive in cafe
We also have many drive-in-cafe's in Korea. CARDET-301 sensor is the perfect sensor for this purpose, because there is no case of blocking the road for a CARDET-301.
[CARDET-301] near pedestrian road
Sometimes an exit road is placed near the pedestrian road. CARDET-301 can detect a car accurately among the mixture of people and vehicles unlike an optical sensor.
[CARDET-301] improve the safety!
CARDET-301 can easily block the collision accident between the park barrier and an exiting car. there are many of manholes and iron drains in front of parking devices, but CARDET-301 can be easily installed where a loop coil cannot.
[CARDET-301] decorative floor
A loop coil cannot be installed at the place of decorative, marble and iron floor. CARDET-301 can be installed at any place in 10 minutes.
[CARDET] Detection of the direction
A loop coil cannot distinguish two cars in the bump-to-bump case, and also an IR type sensor will fail by the vibration on the iron skeleton structures. The detection package of CARDET can make the excellent performance on any kind of harsh conditions.
Users can easily build up their own system that has a special function using CARDET series sensor. We have 7 models of vehicle detection sensor, and each of the sensor can easily be combined for a user's system. Now CARDET series sensor are using all over the world.
[V-COUNTER] Iron parking space
An optical sensor that installed on an iron parking space make many false operations, because there are some vibrations when a car passing by. V-COUNTER is the best counting solution for the iron parking space with the affordable price.
[V-COUNTER] Precision of V-COUNTER
The reason that a V-COUNTER shows superior counting accuracy is from the two newest technologies. One is the detecting capability of every edge of the vehicles of CARDET-301H(exclusive sensor for counting), and the other reason is the parallel processing counting algorithm that based on the database of every traffic situation on the road.
[CARDET] Sensor for a drive-in-cafe
A loop coil has a very short lifetime compared with a CARDET sensor, and also a loop coil can be easily broke down under a snow plow in winter. CARDET is the most effective solution of detecting a vehicle for a drive-in-restaurant.
[CARDET-301] unpaved road
A conventional loop coil can not be installed under an unpaved road such as a construction site. CARDET-301 can easily be installed on the shoulder of a unpaved road or forest path.
[V-COUNTER] using on a unpaved road
One of the bright side of a CARDET sensor is that it can be used easily on a unpaved road differently with a loop coil. V-COUNTER do the exact counting job even on a unpaved road.
[CARDET] CARDET-301(101) V3.0
CARDET V3.0 are newly introduced. New version of 301/101 has two improvements. First, the time of sensor calibration is far reduced to just 1 second, and the second improvement is the fortified compensating structure for the tolerance of parts inside it. We always appreciate customer's support and interest.
[V-COUNTER] In an iron building
V-COUNTER can be installed even in an iron skeleton building which is impossible for a loop coil. In addition, it can make a precise counting even for the wide entrance(Max. 5.5m) in which vehicles pass both ways as the picture. This function is the unique characteristic of a V-COUNTER. V-COUNTER uses the elaborate technology to detect the edge of a vehicle precisely.
[CARDET] Vehicle direction detector
CARDET Direction Package make it possible to automate a vehicle management process. The picture shows the weight measuring instrument with a CARDET Direction Package which operates the measurement process only when a truck goes out from the factory.
[V-COUNTER] CAR detection solution
If a V-COUNTER system is installed at the entrance, then user can access the outputs of the individual 301 sensors by LAN in addition to the original counting function, so user can easily add user's own functions to the system without additional sensors.
[CARDET] Parking controller with 301
You can easily build up a novel parking control system without LOOP COIL using two CARDET-301s. CARDET has a semi-permanent product life and do not need a maintenance. It can be also used in iron skeleton buildings and on the heating coils whereas a loop coil cannot.
[CARDET-301] IoT Fireplug
An novel IoT fireplug using CARDET-301 was introduced at a Korean main TV News(2018.03.13.) CARDET-301 detects the vehicle of illegally parked, and makes warning and leads it to park at an another parking place. This system ensure that the fast approaching of fire engines. Now CARDET-301 keeps the precious peoples lives in our cities.
A precise COUNTER for a parking space is necessary for these days. The conventional loop coil cannot detect the edge of a vehicle accurately. V-COUNTER uses the specially designed CARDET-301H that has a capability to detect the edge of an any vehicle precisely, and the parallel processing algorithm in a V-COUNTER executes the accurate counting function even under various situations such as a backward driving, bump-to-bump, in-and-out. etc. It has a elaborate road database.
[LD] Direction of a vehicle movement
CARDET-LD can cover the wide roads for mixed vehicles of sedans and trucks using cutting edge technology of the signal process. V-COUNTER and DIRECTION DETECTOR by MAGO technology have the unique parallel processing algorithm to detect the direction and count of vehicles. MAGO technology has diverse products line-up to detect a vehicle for various environments.
[LD] truck & Curved road
CARDET-LD is a TOF type pulsed LASER sensor which has a long and accurate detection range. A CARDET-LD can be installed at a curved road that is difficult for a conventional LOOP COIL. Especially for a wide road, a LOOP COIL cannot be freely installed, meanwhile a CARDET-LD can show the best performance even for a large-sized vehicle. MAGO technology has diverse products line-up to detect a vehicle for various environments.
[V-COUNTER] Precise Vehicle Counter
V-COUNTER embeds the special parallel processing algorithm that can handle every motion case of a vehicle on real roads. The system uses exclusively designed CARDET-301H sensor that has the excellent performance on the edge detection that is essencial to the vehicle counting. V-COUNTER shows the most precise accuacy performance than any other car counters in Korea.
CARDET-301 V2.0
CARDET-301 V 2.0 is now introduced. The newly designed hardware and software make it possible to detect a car from 1.8m away with higher stability(improved distance about 20%)
[V-COUNTER] CAR Counting device
V-COUNTER is the innovative vehicle counting device for a parking space. It includes a precise filtering structure and the unique smart algorithm that enable to distinguish various cases such as bump-to-bump, reverse running, backward running, etc. User can communicate with V-COUNTER using a standard LAN interface. It consist of 4 CARDET-301H sensors and a DSP control board.
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[CARDET-301] access control sensor

Recently, for a variety of building and structure design purpose, marble and bricks are used for the entrance and exit road. Unlike a loop coil, CARDET sensor does not be broken by the vibration or impact on the floor plate. It can be used for any place to improve the safety.