[SNOOPER-DP] Safeway to school
SNOOPER-DP system easily build up a large deterrence for a school shooting. It is perfectly portable and fit for a random weapon check for schools. Below LINK leads to a short movie at a school in Indiana state.
[SNOOPER-DP] ISC West 2019
SNOOPER-DP system was introduced in ISC West 2019, in Las Vegas. SNOOPER-DP system is the stealth metal detector which can be used in any public place without an aversion.
[SNOOPER-DP] Jay county IN
In Jay county schools in INDIANA, the community board approved the use of our advanced metal detector, which is completely portable and non-coercive system.
[SNOOPER-DP] Novel metal detector
Secure Our School! SNOOPER-DP keeps our children safe in schools in Indiana and Florida. Our newly developed metal detector looks like just two standard barrier poles which keep the school remains a school.

Please contact to our partner Ballistiglass.

Click below to see the movie clip of the News
[SNOOPER-DP] Hidden metal detector
SNOOPER-DP systems start to protect our children and students of high schools in Indiana state of USA.

SNOOPER-DP system is the innovative design of invisible metal detector.

School should be a safe place, but it shouldn't look like a prison.
[SNOOPER-DP] Total Solution
Our partner AXXONSOFT released the new Axxon NEXT system that can embed SNOOPER-DPs. User can easily install the total security system including SNOOPER-DP's innovative functions. Please contact
[SNOOPER-DP] Monetary Authority
A SNOOPER-DP is installed at the front gate of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. People freely come-in and go-out, and simultaneously the security can easily check the amount of IRON OBJECT that is carried by the visitor.
[SNOOPER-DP] Intersec Saudi 2018
SNOOPER-DP was introduced in INTERSEC Saudi 2018 and got many spotlights from the relative security industries. Two micro MAD sensors of SNOOPER-DP are installed on the standard barrier poles. People do not feel any inconvenience and even they don't know they just passed a security system. Now SNOOPER-DP keeps the people's lives all over the world.
[SNOOPER-DP] Today's Online
Press the following link, then go to the full page of MAGO SNOOPER's article in Today's Online
On the exhibition of Safty and Security Asia 2017, SNOOPER-DP got heavy focuses from many experts and VIP including Singapore minister of state, Sam Tan. SNOOPER-DP is now keeping valuable people's lives all over the world.
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SNOOPER-DP Catalogue Download
SNOOPER Catalogue Download

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