Synthetic TRAIN detection sensor

RA-400 is an innovative synthetic sensor that has a smart signal processing unit, and it is internally composed of 2 sensors of patented FS magnetic and 60GHz RADAR sensor to detect a train on railways. It detects only trains and do not make false alarm for rain or snow under various noises on the railway.

Detection a train on railroad with the high reliability is not a easy task because of the many kinds of severe noise exists around railways. MAGO technology has the special signal processing technology for detecting trains on railway of harsh environment.


RA-400 sensor can be installed both on the center of two rails and on the side of railways. The sensor includes the specially designed PCR radar and the F.S. magnetic sensor to eliminate noises from various EMI sources near the rail road.

Both of a feedback stabilizing magnetic sensor and a millimeter wave radar are embedded in RA-400, and heavy rain can not effect the performance of the sensor. RA-400 detects the movement and stop of a train, and user can easily connect the output of the sensor to an user's device by a relay controller.  

Using the dry connector in a relay controller, user can easily build up an alarming system for the safety of constructors or pedestrians. 

< at the center of the railroad >                                  < at the side of the railroad >



Basic Set

Relay controller has a RELAY for interface the sensor to users system very easily. Users can build up safer environment around railway or train garage with RA-Series with easy effort and low price.
Composed with:

RA-400 Sensor Head + Relay Controller



Wireless Set

Using the RA Wireless Set, the detection signal of RA-Series sensor can be monitored from more than 1km ahead when a train is coming. This package is very helpful for improving safety of the workers under construction.

Composed with:

RA-400 Sensor Head + LoRa Transmitter + LoRa Receiver



Installation reference

[RA-400] New Train sensor
RA-400 embeds an innovative millimeter wave radar and a F.S. magnetic sensor which enables the stable detection of a train in a bunch of noises near a railroad. It is the simplest way to detect a train with the highest reliability.
[RA-201] Train detector RA-201
RA-201 is the best solution to detect of approaching a train by a non-contact way. RA-201 works perfectly even it is completely covered with snow and fallen leaves. It has a state-of-the art adaptive digital filters for the changing of environments.
[RA series] RF with Solar pannel
Using RA-302, it is very easy to build up the safety system for construction labor.
[RA Series] KTX line
RA-302 installed at KTX line with RF transmitter and solar pannel for the safety of labors under construction.
[RA Series] RA installed at Line 2
RA sensor installed at Line 2.
[RA Series] Installed at garage
RA series were installed at train garage for maintenance
[RA-301] Installed at garage
Installed RA-series at train garage for maintenance
[RA-301] train detection for garage
train detection for returning to the garage
[RA-301] OSAN Station
Picture shows a RA-301 that is installed at pedestrian crossing in OSAN staion.RA-301 prevent pedestrian from safety accident.
[RA-301] Subway Detection
RA-301 that is installed at INCHON subway (second line) maintenance center.
[RA-301] Train Detection
Around railways, there are plenty of noises. RA series are the specialized model for detecting train vehicle with great accuracy and highest reliability.
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Option Modules

A variety of options for RA-Series are available for improving safety of user's system.

Stand-alone Controller

Stand-alone controller need not connecting to PC to use the CARDET.

Terminal Interface for Alert Light

This module is exclusive for alert light system. 

Wireless/Wire LAN Interface

Use the Wireless/Wired LAN Interface You can install the CARDET to network system.

RF Transmitter / 

Receiver / Repeater

Used for long distance installation of the system.

USB Interface

Use the USB Interface to connect the CARDET sensor head with PC or laptop.

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