MAGO sensors are innovative sensor  that based on precision analog technology.

MAGO TECHNOLOGY has been developing various professional sensors as well as precise magnetic sensor. Using more technology-intensive and tailor-made sensor can further enhance your business competitiveness.

Angular position sensor(Yawing)


AGS-360H is a YAWING measurement sensor that is using 6 inertial sensors, 3 magnetic sensors and inertial navigation algorithms. It do not need an additional attachment device such as a encoder, and just fixing the sensor makes it possible to measure the yawing position by the sensor. User can choose the sensor output as either voltage or current.

User can connect an additional switch to get zero of the sensor, the maximum velocity of the measurement is 40Hz.

MAGO technology also has a angular position sensor for measuring pitching or rolling. Please contact to sales@magotec.com

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