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Noncontact Vehicle Detecting Sensor

CARDET series

- Innovative Vehicle Detecting Sensor

MAGO technology developed the special kind of FS type magnetic sensor and DI proximity sensor for the stable detection of vehicles on the road. CARDET series present an innovative solution for detecting cars on both outdoor and indoor road with a very low installation cost and an extremely long lifetime. CARDET can replace loop coil, IR and ultrasonic sensor for detecting a car in all applications.

MAGO technology is the only company that has a full line-up sensors for vehicle detecting, and we are selling more than 4 kinds of relative small system such as a PRECISE VEHICLE COUNTER system.


Product life


Installation cost

Free, anyone can install

Signal  break





Iron skeleton bldg. 

heated / marble floor



2 years average

very expensive

occur frequently

occur frequently


* Feedback Stabilizing Magnetic sensor in CARDET

Unlike conventional magnetic sensor such as a 3‐axis magnetic compass module, CARDET has the unique technology of FEEDBACK STABILIZING magnetic sensing properties, so it shows the ultra stable characteristics of sensing performance for the vehicle detection. CARDET shows the whole different superior performance and stability compared than the conventional magnetic sensor. 

All the magnetic material has a special effect named as Barkhausen effect that makes randomly high peaks in the magnetic domain inside the material, this noise is the main cause of the mis-operation of magnetic sensor, which makes false-alarms many times per a day, but Feedback Stabilizing magnetic sensor by MAGO technology has a  special structure that cancel out the Barkhausen noise fundamentally, so CARDET series has no false alarm by the Barkhausen noise.    

* Digital Integral Proximity sensor in CARDET

The digital ultrasonic sensor inside CARDET‐301 is not a conventional analog ultrasonic sensor, it has its own DSP and effective digital algorithms for stable performance on any conditions. MAGO technology developed the special digital Integral measurement method for the proximity sensor to detect vehicles on the road without mis-operation, and we have the edge technology of filtering out various noises on the road.

The digital ultrasonic(DU) proximity sensor by MAGO has a special digital signal processing  function such as a movie camera. The sensor executes many of sensing frames such as a optical vision sensor, this special structure(time-warp) has the superior performance to extract the exact feature from noisy environment. Only DU proximity sensor by MAGO has this unique function in this cost effective proximity sensor for detecting vehicles. 

All of the signal processing algorithm inside CARDET‐301 was optimized for the characteristics of the target object, and the digital integral measurement algorithm guarantees stable outputs under various noises on the road. 

After version 4.0, Digital Ultrasonic sensor embeds the AI function of automatically recognize the environment of the area of sensor installed.


* Organic configuration using both of magnetic and integral proximity sensors

CARDET has the organic structure using both of FS MAGNETIC and DI PROXIMITY sensors, it has not affected by an human, animal, snow or rain. It does not need expensive ground constructions, and has an extremely long life time. CARDET is NOT damaged by heavy trucks in summer, and also by snow plows in winter.

[ Short movie of CARDET example ]

[CARDET-301 for drive-in-restaurant]

CARDET-301's are working for P.H. restaurant in Missouri

CARDET is the best magnetic based vehicle detecting sensor

MAGO technology has the world best technology for precision magnetic sensor, we also developed and produce the micro MAD sensor(ultra precise military magnetic sensor) for military purposes. CARDET is the consumer product that was applied of the military technology of the stable measurement. It has an adaptive digital filter for tracking the change of Earth magnetic field.

CARDET-101  Omni-directional vehicle detecting sensor

[ Detection area of CARDET-101 ]

CARDET-101 has an omni-directional sensing area(a sphere shape), it detects the vehicle that passing by near the sensor with all direction. Detection distance is 1.8 meters for a full sized sedan(movement detection). CARDET-101 can cover 2 traffic lanes with one sensor.

CARDET-101 is the best for controlling an automatic door, alarming light, antiseptic dispensor(disinfecting work), etc. CARDET has a variety of accessaries including CONTROL BOARD that can be embedded of several customized logics.

CARDET-301  Uni-directional vehicle detecting sensor

CARDET-301 has an uni-directional sensing characteristic, it detects only the vehicle in front of the sensor. Detection distance is also 1.8 meters for a full sized sedan, detection angle is ± 30 degree. CARDET-301 has the capability of making precise trigger signals for the connected device, so it is suitable for controlling a toll bar, counting vehicles, LPR system, etc.

CARDET-301 is the unique sensor that has an uni-directional detection characteristic among the magnetic based sensor for vehicle in the world.

There are a plenty of noise that always varies on the road,  so the most important charateristic for the magnetic based vehicle sensor is to retain the detection area againt the noises. CARDET has the special kind of design structure of keeping the detection area stable using the FEEDBACK STABILIZING technology. CARDET shows the outstanding performance with the highest stability.

CARDET-201  parking sensor for the parallel parking place

CARDET-201 was developed for the use of the parallel parking place. It is installed under the surface of the ground as the left figure.

CARDET-201 has the FS magnetic sensor, special digital filters and optimized detection algorithm inside, and it also has the special algorithms for the long time parking and around cars passing by.

Users can build up the unmanned parking control system very easily with this sensor.

CARDET-PR  multi-purpose intelligent vehicle sensor

CARDET-PR have the DIGITAL INTEGRAL Proximity sensor that was developed by MAGO technology. DI Proximity sensor has the digital Integral measurement structure of extracting the exact signals of the target from the noisy signals.

This smart sensor has its own DSP for the digital measurement method, and also several digital filters to get rid off noises from the environment.

CARDET-PR can be used for various purposes, one of the application is detecting vehicles at the parking place as the right figure.

CARDET applications

Automatic Control of LED Streetlamp

Drive in Restaurant

ITS Sensor

Garage Door Control

Bar Control

Preventing illegal parking

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