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Non-contact Train Detection Sensor

RA Series train detection sensor is an innovative synthetic sensor that internally composed of 2 sensors of magnetic and state-of-the art radar sensor to detect trains on railways. It detects only trains and do not make false alarm for rain or snow. It can be used near high voltage lines of train, and the installation time of the sensor is just 10 minutes. It has the complex design inside to filter out various noises around railroad, but user just attaches RA-400 and turns on the switch then it works perfectly.

Around railroads, there are plenty of various noises. Because train driver system uses very high voltages such as 2500 VAC or 1500 VDC, they make the high level of EMI noise. Also AFC system, various signal transmission system, high frequency noises from mechanical device, all of these noises make it impossible to work properly for the conventional ultrasonic sensor and magnetic sensor.

RA series comprises of two powerful digital signal processors, FS(Feedback Stabilizing) magnetic sensor and PCR radar sensor. All of these technical modules were designed and optimized for the detection of train under various kind of severe noises.

The MAGNETIC sensor inside RA series adopted the feedback stabilizing technology to maintain the detection area with very high reliability, which shows the whole different performance from conventional 3-axis magnetic sensors. It also has precisely designed FIR digital filters those get rid of EMI noises from the high voltage supply lines, and also all of the system were optimized for the the frequency charateristics of trains.

The PCR radar sensor inside RA seies is the edge technology of proximity radar sensor which has the ability of cutting off the noises steeply from other objects. It has an extra own DSP and other high level of digital algorithms including decision making mechanism using global data flows.   

RA Series show the best stable performance and cost effective among independent type train sensors under severe noises on the railroad. Using RA-400 and its RF transmisstion package, you can build the safety system for railroad workers in 30 minutes, the sensor will let the workers know the approach of a train at 1 km ahead.



The installation of RA Series is very easy.

RA-400 can be easily installed both on the center of the rail or side fixture.

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