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MAGO makes the innovative sensors that based on signal processing technology and precision analog sensors.

MAGO technology has been developing professional sensors as well as precise magnetic sensors. Using more technology-intensive and tailor-made sensor can further enhance your business competitiveness.

UV Light Power Monitoring Sensor


UV sensor UPM-03 is the sensor for measuring the power of ultraviolet ray used for the exposure system of semiconductor devices. With UPM-03 you can easily measure the UV exposure of various devices that use UV light source. UPM-03 makes analog voltage output of converting the power of UV that passed through the sensing hole upside. UPM-03 has a very easy calibation process, and it also has two knobs of offset adjusting on both of two sides for the ease access of user.


Analog‐Digital Conversion Board


ADC-08 is the small and effective analog-digital signal converter board that can be easily measured various analog voltage using a USB communications. ADC-08 can measure eight signals simultaneously with a voltage between 0~5V and it can transmit the conversion data to the PC by USB port. ADC-08 provides an fast and effective solution for the interface between analog signal and user's PC.


Harnessing Solution

ECO-Wire M Series

SMART LINK is the innovative harnessing solution using FPGA technology. MAGO technology developed one chip solution of digital transmission that support hot plug in and peer to peer communication. Just connect your sensor signal to SMART LINK and set the receiver address. A dozen of cables will be reduced to only two wires.

Communication distance is up to 1.2 Km, and the data will be transferred to the destination by the state-of-the-art protocols.

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