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Wireless parking sensor embeded radar and battery

  • CARDET CP-IoT is a new concept parking surface vehicle detection sensor with a built-in advanced parking radar and battery.

  • CARDET CP-IoT sensor connects directly to the mobile phone network, so there is no need for a separate receiver. Install only the sensor.

  • CARDET CP-IoT is easily connected to the Internet anywhere in the country after installation.


[ All H/W are built into the CP-IoT body ]


[ S/W UI Interface ]

  • If you purchase CARDET CP-IoT, vehicle parking availability, parking time PC basic S/W that can monitor etc. is provided free of charge. 

  • Sensor installed check the condition of the parking surface at a glance with Internet access you can.

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Wireless Parking Surface Sensor Solution : CARDET CP-IoT

  • The battery-powered parking surface sensor CP-IoT sensor is directly connected to the mobile phone network, so there is no need for a separate receiver, and all construction work is completed by installing the sensor on the floor.

  • The CP-IoT sensor is linked with the SBS (Sensor Bridge System) that maximizes convenience, so it automatically performs battery and condition management, and the user only needs to connect to the sensor via the Internet to use it.

  • The CP-IoT sensor includes a state-of-the-art low-power parking radar optimized for parking and a special installation structure and dielectric lens that maximizes detection performance.

  • The mobile phone network communication module embedded in the CP-IoT sensor was developed with ultra-low power for parking, and its reliability is guaranteed by obtaining NIPA certification, KC certification, and certifications from demanding large telecommunication companies.


Next generation wireless parking sensor : CARDET CP-IoT

​The CARDET CP system is equipped with a low-power PRI adjustable RADAR for parking developed by MAGO technology, which specializes in advanced hybrid sensors. All designs such as frequency for detecting parked vehicles, measurement interval, beam control, noise removal, reflection signal convolution signal processing, etc. have been optimized for parking detection. It boasts superior detection performance.

  • Margo Technology provides a more advanced parking management service without a blind spot in communication without a separate receiver through formal partnership and service agreements with two major mobile phone carriers in Korea.

  • The CARDET CP system is linked with the sensor management OS system (Sensor Bridge System) that automatically performs difficult sensor management. SBS of MAGO technology takes care of everything necessary, such as sensor communication management, status check, battery capacity management, and temperature management. User management for the sensor is minimized, and a state-of-the-art parking management system can be built with only MMI development.

  • The built-in battery can detect more than 30,000 accumulated detection units (3 years), and battery replacement is processed in the form of refurbishing.

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