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Noncontact Vehicle Detection Sensor without construction

  • CARDET series present the perfect  solution for detecting cars on both indoor and outdoor road.

  • CARDET can replace a loop coil and IR sensors. It does not need  high cost of ground construction.

  • The magnetic sensor inside CARDET is the feedback stabilizing magnetic sensor from military technology, and new integral type digital proximity sensor has the special capability of rejecting against noises on the road.

  • Brand new model of CARDET-501 is equipped with edge RADAR system.

  • CARDET sensor do not respond to a man, an animal, rain or snow, and it has an exceptional long product life, high reliability, low energy consumption.

  • The CARDET series sensor has a total of five vehicle detection sensors for optimization for road width and applications.

CARDET Specification

Since we developed the first version of CARDET series sensor at 2015, many up-to-date functions and improvements were newly developed and included. Now we have various product line up of CARDET-Series, which are equipped following unique technologies.

  1. Innovative Feedback Stabilizing digital magnetic sensor

  2. Digital integral proximity sensor using convolution integral

  3. RADAR sensor for middle range detection

  4. Self recognizing function for the change of environment

  5. Super fast magnetic calibration (under 0.5 sec)

  6. Self recognizing function for the fixed obstacles (AI function)

  7. Noise elimination using stored database on the various roads

  8. Super high reliability by macro frame signal processing technology


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CARDET Line-up

1. Car detection for a LPR(License Plate Recognition) system

CARDET sensor(301/501/LD) generates an accurate trigger signal for a LPR system to capture the license plate of the coming vehicle.

  • A CARDET sensor(301/501/LD) simply can be attached on a wall of the booth or a pole, which does not need a expensive ground construction.

  • CARDET has a semi-permanent product life cycle unlike the loop coil that has a product life of only 2 years on average.

  • ​It takes just 10 minutes to install a CARDET sensor and the performance does not depend on the skill of the worker unlike a loop coil.

2. Control of the barrier in an access controller​

CARDET sensor(301/501/LD) can detect the exact timing of passing a vehicle in front of the access control device. In the case of bump to bump traffic, CARDET generates an accurate trigger signal unlike a loop coil for the access controller to handle the barrier bar.

  • A CARDET series sensor has various functions inside of adjusting delay, number of filters and sensitivity to find out the optimal mode for the road situation.

  • A loop coil cannot detect the exact timing of passing of the edge of a vehicle, meanwhile, the digital proximity sensor and FS magnetic sensor in a CARDET-301 can find out the edge of a car accurately.

  • For the special case of the road for large sized trucks and containers, the dual sensor package for access control is prepared.

Above short movie shows the control system of a gate that was installed in Singapore. CARDET-101 opens the gate, which was buried under the pavement and CARDET-301 closes the gate when the vehicle completely get out. CARDET series is the best solution that replace the LOOP COIL with low cost and high reliability.


2-1 Special Vehicle Detection Equipment

  • Trucks or trailers have a plenty of empty space on the side and lower body, so it is necessary to hold the detection signal until the vehicle completely pass out, when controlling the parking barrier.  

  • Special Vehicle Detection Equipment enables the system to sustain the parking barrier open until the large-sized vehicle completely passes out.


3. Car detection for a drive-in-restaurant

Usually in drive-in-cafe or restaurant, number of cars wait and go with bump to bump situation. Conventional loop coil cannot distinguish the two vehicles with a close interval. CARDET-301/501 is the perfect sensor for this kind of restaurant and moreover it can easily be embedded in a menu box on the shoulder of the access road.

  • A CARDET-301/501 does not be influenced by snow, rain and humans, also it has no worry about being destroyed by a snowplow.

  • In South Korea, number of famous drive-in franchise such as Starbucks, Subway, Pizzahut, Burger king, Twosome place, Coffeebean, Pasccuchi etc. already use CARDET-301/501 system.

  • CARDET-301/501 is the perfect sensor for the drive-thru headset system, because it does not need ground construction that is obvious obstruction for customers.

  • CARDET-301/501 supports the easiest way of wire connection for the headset systems.

4. Control of a alarming light for the safety

Safety cannot be compromised in our daily life. In the every corner of a parking building and exit, an alarming light should be installed for the safety of pedestrian and vehicles. Everyone can easily install a CARDET sensor in a 10 minutes for our family and people.

  • A CARDET-301/501/LD detects a vehicle coming to the corner and control the alarming light to let them know it. A smart relay controller for various purposes is included in the sensor box with the default option.

  • CARDET sensor has the function inside to adjust the running time of the alarming light for the convenience.

5. Wireless parking system : CARDET-CP

  • CARDET-CP system is the wireless solution in the parking area using IoT communication technology.

  • It embedded the ultra low-power Pulsed Coherent Radar system with a battery supply of max. 5 years. The sensor module is installed in the center of a parking space(buried type). 

  • CARDET-CP system has two models, one is direct internet access model using NB-IoT technology, and the other is LoRa model which is connected by a gateway.

  • CARDET-CP system is the integrated system with local wireless network, please contact to

6. Vehicle Counter :  V-COUNTER

V-COUNTER counts the current number of vehicles those remain in the parking place. It precisely counts the number of IN/OUT vehicles from the parking place, and connected to the user's system by LAN protocols. It uses two CARDET-301Hs per one channel those specially developed for the function of counting.


  • Cars has variety of shapes and heights, CARDET-301H can detect precisely the front edge of the approaching vehicle even in bump-to-bump situation, so it makes possible that detect the exact starting point of the vehicle which is essential to the counting process in a parking space.

  • V-COUNTER is also embedded of elaborate  digital filters designed from analyzing of vehicle dynamics and sensor characteristics. V-COUNTER records 99% accuracy on normal situation in a parking space.

  • It contains the elaborate parallel processing algorithm for a bump-to-bump, reverse/backward moving, back-and -forth etc situations, so it shows the superior performance of vehicle counting with a great accuracy.


  • V-COUNTER(2CH.) has the unique function of counting cars on both directions where the road is wide and there is no median barrier.​

  • We have also V-COUNTER-LD model for the wide road (max. 10 meter or 7 meters depend on the configuration of installation)

7. Detection of the direction of a vehicle

Using a direction detector, user can easily build up an user's own system for various functions. For example, it is possible to take a picture only when a vehicle exit on the two-way-traffic road. It uses two CARDET sensors(301/501/LD), and has two relays for the easy interface for two jobs for in and out respectively.


  • Direction detector also can use two CARDET-LD sensor for a wide two-way-traffic road which is impossible for the conventional products.

  • Direction detector has two independent relays for the functions of coming-in and going-out respectively, so two functions can be easily interfaced and executed.

8. Customized System( ex. Compact Vehicle Detector )

MAGO technology has various kind of developing user customized vehicle detection systems. Please contact us for developing your own systems. CV-DETECTOR measures the length of the approaching vehicle precisely, and automatically distinguishes a compact vehicle from various kinds of car. Many of the country have a discount policy of parking fee for a compact car to encourage saving energy. In Korean law, one of the necessary coundition to be classified as a compact vehicle is that it has a shorter length of around 3.8m.

  • CV-DETECTOR has a special kind of edge detection structure for precisely measuring the entire length of a vehicle.

  • It uses 2 CARDET-LDs, 1 CARDET-101 and a Signal Processing Controller. CV-DETECTOR also has a function of making a trigger signal for the LPR system, so user does not need to install an additional loop coil for triggering the LPR system.

9. Pulsed type LASER sensor :  CARDET-LD

  • CARDET-LD sensor is a pulsed LASER type sensor that uses time of flight principle for the measurement. It does not be influenced by the shape and color of the vehicles unlike the conventional infrared sensor. 

  • The maximum detection distance of CARDET-LD is 15 meters(with reflector), so it can cover the wide areas which is impossible for the conventional car sensor.

  • CARDET-LD can be installed for a charging station to detect the EV parking space is empty or not. 

  • Also CARDET-LDs can accurately measure the traffic information installed on the gate of the highway without disturbance to the through traffic.

10. CARDET Application  - Detection of a FORKLIFT

  • CARDET sensor can detect a FORKLIFT vehicle in a crowded logistics center. It is very hard to pay attention to surroundings simultaneously with manipulating the FORK.

  • CARDET can easily protect the peoples in the logistics center with very low cost.


# CARDET Series

CARDET-501 embeds elaborate radar and magnetic sensor those enable it to detect a vehicle with confidence up to 4.5m distance. CARDET-501 is an innovative next generation vehicle detection sensor for many applications such as drive-thru, alarm light and bar control

  • CARDET-301 is the unique magnetic based car sensor that has the directional detection characteristics.

  • Unlike other type magnetic sensor, it detect the only car in front of the sensor(max 1.8 meter). The detection area of CARDET-301 is a cone type detection area.

  • CARDET series is very easy to install, stable, and has a semi-permanent product life.

  • CARDET does not need for expensive ground construction and it can be used in iron skeleton parking buildings.

  • Two or more loop coils cannot be used closely, because of interference, while CARDET series is possible.

Vehicle Detecting Sensor product line up

  1. CARDET-301Short range(~1.8m) vehicle sensor for Gate/LPR/Alarm

  2. CARDET-501Middle range(~4.5m) vehicle sensor for Gate/LPR/Alarm

  3. CARDET-LD:   Long range(~15m) vehicle sensor for Gate/LPR/Alarm

  4. CARDET-101:  Magnetic detection sensor for general purpose (Under the ground)

  5. CARDET-CP:   Parking radar sensor with IoT wireless communication(battery type)

Vehicle Detecting SYSTEM product line up

  1. Direction detector(301/501/LD) : Detection of a vehicle direction system

  2. Vehicle Counter(1Ch., 2Ch.):  Vehicle counter for a parking space

  3. User defined system 


Middle range smart vehicle sensor

CARDET-501 is the brand new sensor that is integrated with MAGO's advanced high technology. It is equipped with edge technology RADAR system and magnetic sensor which has the superb stability and reliability(max. distance : 4.5m)

CARDET-501 can be used for most of vehicle detection application such as LPR triggering, gate control, alarming light and for drive-in restaurant.


Composed with:

CARDET-501 sensor head + relay controller

제목 없음-4.png


Short range vehicle sensor

제목 없음-4.png

CARDET-301 is the proven model of MAGO technology that has a directional detection area which is the unique capability for the synthetic magnetic sensor all over the world(max distance: 1.8m)

Users can easily replace an old school of a LOOP COIL, and  build-up their own system such as drive-in cafe or gate control application. CARDET can be easily interfaced to the user's system using the RELAY in the relay controller.

Composed with:

CARDET-301 sensor head + relay controller


Vehicle detection sensor

CARDET-101 is the standard magnetic sensor that has the feedback stabilized control circuit which has the superb stability.


User can easily build-up their own system such as alarming light for pedestrian or street corner. Also it is very easy to interface CARDET to the user's system using the terminal interface.

Composed with:

CARDET-101 sensor head + relay controller

제목 없음-4.png


Pulsed LASER Vehicle detection sensor

제목 없음-4.png

CARDET-LD is the long range vehicle detection sensor that has a max 15 meter detection distance(with a reflection plate).

The working principle of the sensor is that it measures the time of the flight of an impulse of the LASER, which gives very stable result regardless of the color and shape of the vehicle.

Unlike an infrared sensor, it does not affected by vibration, snow and heavy rain. CARDET-LD can be installed in the direction recognition system of MAGO technology. 


It is the unique sensor that can cover 4 lane-width of a road.

Composed with:

CARDET-LD sensor head + relay controller

Please contact to


Alarming light system

​CARDET Alert Light System is composed of CARDET sensor head, an exclusive light control board and a flashing alert light. This system needs no complex installation or adjusting manipulation, anyone can install the system very easily. Just connect the plug and attach the sensor, then you can make your environment safer place with 15 minutes. User can choose a sensor head of CARDET as an option.

Composed with:

CARDET sensor head(501,301,LD) + light controller + Alert Light

Please contact to

CARDET-301 경광등 패키지는 국내 유명 인터넷 몰에서도 구매가 가능합니다.


 디바이스 마트      레파츠     씨뱅큐

제목 없음-4.png
계수기 예제.JPG


Digital vehicle counter

V-COUNTER is the innovative digital counter that can count the number of vehicles in a certain district with 2(1 channel) or 4(2 channel) sensors. V-COUNTER uses CARDET sensor head that is the exclusively designed for the precise counting function.

Unlike conventional technology which needs hundreds of sensor those should be installed at every parking boxes, the sensor of V-COUNTER will be installed at the only entrance and exit of the parking building.

The output of a V-COUNTER is standard LAN or USB, so user can easily interface V-COUNTERs to the user's system very easily.

Composed with:

CARDET sensor head(2 or 4) + counter board

Option Modules

A variety of option modules are available for CARDET system and please contact us for building up user's own interface such as 485 or large number of sensor interface. We can design special interface modules for customer to enhance the performance of the entire system. (


Stand-alone Controller

Stand-alone controller can do the special function such as counting the number of cars or detecting the direction of vehicle movement. We can design special functions for cumstomer with optonal software works.

USB Interface

Use the USB Interface to connect the CARDET sensor with PC or laptop.

Wireless/Wire LAN Interface

Using the Wireless/Wired LAN Interface, you can easily interface the CARDET to user's network system.

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