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Margo Technology develops customized sensors with special functions that can be used professionally in various fields as well as sensors using magnetic fields.

UV measurement sensor


UV measurement sensor UPM-03 sensor is a sensor for measuring the power of ultraviolet rays used in exposure equipment of semiconductor equipment. With UPM-03, you can easily measure the amount of UV exposure of various equipment that uses a UV light source. UPM-03 measures UV power passing through the sensing hole designed on the top of the sensor at a voltage level. and output as a voltage value.

UPM-03 has an Offset Adjust knob (variable resistor) attached to easily calibrate the offset of the output voltage for easy calibration. In addition, two Offset Adjust knobs are installed on both sides for easy sensor attachment. Knobs that are not in use can be turned all the way to the left.


Small USB Analog-Digital Conversion Board


ADC-08 is an Analog-Digital signal conversion board that can easily measure various analog voltages using USB communication. It can measure two channels simultaneously and transmit them to PC using USB communication. 

ADC-08 provides a Visual C++ Library example along with the board so that users can use it easily, and even when using a programming language other than C++, it can be easily used by using the protocol.


Harnessing Solution

ECO-Wire M Series

Smart Link's M Series is Korea's first Multi-Drop One-Chip Digital I/O Solution that supports multi-party communication of multiple modules. M Series enables mutual communication between several modules while sharing only two transmission lines, and supports Hot Plug-in. The communication distance is possible up to 1.2Km, and the setting of the receiving address is simply done by using the DIP S/W on the top of the board to set the receiving address.Eco-wire M SeriesIf you use , you can replace numerous sensor wires and wire bundles for switches with just two transmission lines that transmit and receive using advanced protocols.

The Eco-wire series applies advanced digital filtering technology to be more robust against noise than general wires, prevent momentary sensor errors and harnessing defects, and dramatically reduce malfunctions due to connector defects and contact defects that occur over time. By reducing it, we further strengthen the competitiveness of your business.

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