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Metal Movement Detecting Sensor

SNOOPERcan detect a nano level purturbation of the Earth magnetic field, which is produced by the movement of an iron object. SNOOPER is the perfecttip and cuesensor,  and the exclusive solution for detecting the movement of enemy forces in a forest at dark night.


* Human movement in a forest

Conventional motion detect sensors (such asPIR, vision, ultrasonic, etc) detectjust the movementof an object, therefore if we deploy these kinds of sensors for guarding fence in a forest, the system makeshundreds of misoperationsa day because there are plenty of moving objects, such asbranches, birds,  wild animals, snows etc.

Having the sensordetecting the enemy forces approaching to our bunker in dark nightisthe long cherished wish for the military. Here is the solution -SNOOPER. Themovement of an iron objectin a forest must belong to anhuman.Ironis the tool of human only. SNOOPER does not make a false alarm by wild animals, and it is also not affected by branches, snow, other moving objects unlike a conventional motion detect sensors. SNOOPERcan detect the movement of an iron object such asa rifle from 2.5 meters away, and a Hummer from 15 meters away,

* SNOOPER - the smallest MAD sensor in the world

SNOOPERoriginated from the MAD(Magnetic Anomaly Detector) sensor that used for detecting a submarine underwater, which is represented by a SQUID sensor based on theJosephson effect in extremely low temperature.  

A conventionalMADsensor need a very big cooling system using liquid nitrogen, and consumes heavy energy, so it is impossible to deploy these kind of sensors to detect an iron object on the ground. Moreover,MADsensor costs steeply for ground applications.

MAGOtechnology completely re-designed the conventional MAD sensor using another principle, and finally made thesmallest IoT MAD sensor(SNOOPER) in the world.SNOOPERis composed ofspecial magnetic sensing partsunique structure of analog amplifier part,hybrid disturbance compensation part andcompletely novel algorithm of digital signal processing part.

SNOOPER uses very low energy and it can be easily connected to a conventional security system using standard TCP/IP protocols.SNOOPER can be used both of a stand-alone system and an auxiliary metal detecting system. 

[ Detection distance ofSNOOPER]

SNOOPERcan detect the movement of a Hummer from 15 meters away, and a rifle of infantry from 2.5 meters. Just 3SNOOPERs installed on the path through a forest can block the surprise attack of enemy forces.


SNOOPERis the perfect match withRCWS(Remote Controlled Weapon System).SNOOPERcan detect armed forces approaching our military facilities at night, passing troops to a strategic position, which are impossible by conventional sensors. A conventional motion detect sensor makes hundreds of mis-alarm a day, because there are a number of moving objects in a forest. A movement of iron object belongs to a human,_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_SNOOPERwill catch the exact movement of an human among many movements in a forest. 

[SNOOPERwith Remote Controlled Weapon System ]

SNOOPERcan be placedunder the ground, and is completelypassive sensor, so there is no possibility to be found by enemy's detector.RCWS with SNOOPERs can completelyautomate the surveillance task, and make it possible to defend a wide strategic area by just a few operators. SNOOPER has no problem in harsh environment such as forest, jungle, desert, etc.


[SNOOPERmakes an electrical protection fence ]

SNOOPERcan detect the movement of a Hummer from 15 meters away, so one of theSNOOPERcan cover up a circle area that has a 30 meters diameter. SNOOPERis the fastest and most efficient sensor for building up an invisible detection fence around important facilities such as a runway or a nuclear plant.



[ SNOOPER-DP  for a school entrance ]

[ sensor signal for a revolver ]

ASNOOPER-DP system can stop the man who has a revolver from entering school. Once school shooting happened, it might be amass annihilation, and worst of all, victims will be young students and children. We should make an effective solution for protecting our children and students against school shootings.

SNOOPER-DPhas a very fast response and a wide area of detection, so it is possible to build up the much fastersecurity check system than a conventional gate type metal detector for the places that have many population or pedestrians.

One of the strong benefit ofSNOOPERis ​that peopledo not feel uncomfortable at all, they even don't know that they just passed a security check system, so it can be used  for various places such as government building , historic site, museum as well as a school. 

ActuallySNOOPERis a STEALTH SECURITY CHECK SYSTEMthat has the capability ofpicking up the target person who should be checked manuallyamong many pedestrians.

If asuicide terrorist notices that he was just scanned, then he will press the button immediately. It is a very dangerous situation, but usingSNOOPERsystem, he do not knowthat he has just been detected, so we can earn some time to suppress him in the safer place at the safer time.


In a crowded urban city, we have many kind of magnetic noises, so a conventional precise magnetic sensor cannot be installed in a building because of the noise from an elevator and buses outside etc. Meanwhile SNOOPER-DP system has a special kind of cancellation circuits for the magnetic noise around the sensors, SNOOPER-DP can be easily installed at the entrance of museums, VIP meeting rooms, department stores and wedding places.

SNOOPER can be used for various purposes such as

[Military Purpose]
- Detecting armed forces in outdoor path especially at night.
- Detecting the movement of enemy forces in forest or strategic positions.
- Detection terrorists approaching important facility.
- Guarding near barbed-wire fence.

[Security Purposes]
- Detecting guns in school, university
- Detecting guns in public places such as theater, exhibition, museum and etc.
- Scanning VIP in unnoticeable way
- Scanning attendance in historic site
- Scanning attendance to bar, event hall, night club and etc.

SNOOPERhas a variety of optional interfaces such asUSB,LAN,Serial interface,RF communicationetc.

[ SNOOPER Monitoring View ]

[Examples of SNOOPER Application]

Detecting armed forces in outdoor path espaciaaly at night

Detecting the movement of enemy forces to strategic location

Guarding near barbed-wire fence

Detecting terrorists approaching important facility

Detecting troops on important bridges

Protecting good citizens from terrorists in public places

Protecting our children from school shootings

Scanning people in the place of heavy pedestrian traffic

MAGO technology


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