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Long Distance Metal Movement Detecting Sensor

SNOOPERis the exclusive and innovative solution for detecting the movement of an iron object (guns, rifles, vehicles, etc) from a long distance away. It can detect the sneaking movement of enemy forces in a forest, and a Hummer from 15 meters away.

SNOOPERis the perfecttip and cue sensor for military purposes and also can be utilized as an anti-terror system to protect citizens. 

This technology originated from theMADsensor usingJosephson effectin extremely low temperature, andMAGOtechnology entirely re-designed the sensor so as to need no cooling system and uses very low energy, and finallyhas made a long distance metal detector -  SNOOPER that is the smallestMADsensor in the world.MAGOTechnology has the top tier leading technology about the ultra precision magnetic sensor. NowSNOOPERis used for the security of borders, government entrance, surveillance of important facilities all over the world. 

SNOOPER can measure the nano level perturbation of Earth magnetic field that produced by the movement of ferrous materials.  It is not affected by rain, snow, leaves and wild animals, and reacts only to the movement of an iron object.

SNOOPER is the smallest MAD sensor in the world that can be easily connected to an IT device. It can be used for the detection of enemy movement for military purpose, and as a stealth metal detector for civilians to prevent terrors.

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SNOOPER has the special kind of analog-digital hybrid detection structure, and also the signal processing unit that has a function of extracting exact target signal from micro-sized noisy signal stream.

Conventional motion detectors cannot be used in a forest because they also react to birds, snow, rain, leaves and wild animals. Meanwhile, a SNOOPERreacts only to the movement of an iron material. The movement of an iron should belong to a human, because an iron object is a human's tool.SNOOPERdoes not make a false alarm by wild animals.


A SNOOPER-DP SYSTEMuses two ofSNOOPERsensor those can be easily installed on standard barrier poles, and the system detects the movement of an iron object that are passing between two sensors without a body check. 

SNOOPER-DP SYSTEMwas developed to protect children and civilians from terrors and crimes, and it has an unique capability to cancel out the disturbance from a large-sized moving iron object nearby such as an elevator. The system is a kind ofSTEALTH INSPECTION SYSTEM.  People does not feel any inconvenience, and it gives security guys veryimportant information about visitors.

SNOOPER-DPsystem can detect iron object that pass between two sensors in real time. SNOOPER-DPsystem has the specially designed analog-digitalhybrid compensation structure against the effect from a large-sized moving metallic object nearby.  

SNOOPER-DPis the best hidden metal detector system for public safetyWITHOUT BODY CHECK. It is possible to get both of that visitors does not feel any inconveniences and security guys get the important information about visitors including a VIP without sign of displeasure. The sensor ofSNOOPER-DPwas designed to be installed on a standard barrier pole.


[ SNOOPER-DP system is composed of two magnetic sensors and a signal processing controller ]

Now our partner AXXON SOFT supply the TOTAL SECURITY SYSTEM using SNOOPER-DP which includes pan-tilt camera, DVR and intelligent functions, so if you want the whole security system please contact 

[ SNOOPER-DP system checksmetallic object which moves between two sensors in real time ]

[ Portable hidden metal detector  SNOOPER-DP in a middle school in Indiana_cc781905-194cde_31cf58-bb3b]

[ Hidden metal detector  SNOOPER-DP with two securities_cc781905-5cde_bad5cf-516d_bad5cf-516bad5cf58d]

[ Hidden metal detector  SNOOPER-DP with a face recognition system ]

SNOOPERcan easily be interfaced to the user's system byLAN, USBandWireless, etc. We have 4 types of basic package with different product composition each other, so customer can choose one of them for their own purpose and environment.

We also have thetotal solution of surveillancesystem withSNOOPER, please contact us. ( )



USB Package

SNOOPER USB packageis the basic kit ofSNOOPER. User can easily connect the sensor to a standard PC. This simple system can be used on a strategic point outside, corridors and under fences. SNOOPER is connected to USER's PC by an USBport, and do not need an extra power supply.
Composed with:

SNOOPER Sensor Head + USB Interface + PC S/W



Wired LAN Package

If you use awired LAN package, you can easily connectSNOOPERs to your own conventional surveillance system by standard LAN interface, which makes the whole system empowered with an extra-ordinary function and special ability.

Composed with:

SNOOPER Sensor Head + Wired LAN Interface + Protocols



LAN / RELAY Package

LAN/RELAY interfacehas the function of Stand Alone Controller (SAC) for operating RELAYinstantly on the board. User can easily build the system which has a function to turn on a light or to make a siren when a metallic object detected._cc78 -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The package also has the function of LAN connection, so user can build up a variety of security systems with this package.


SNOOPER LAN/RELAY PackageobtainedCE andFCCcertificates. This package now contributes to the protection of Europian people from terrorism. _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Composed with:

SNOOPER Sensor Head + Relay/LAN Interface



Long Distance Package

The connection cableof a SNOOPER can be extended up to1kmwith this package. Theextender receiverembeds the SAC(Stand Alone Controller) to operate a relay and let the user notify with warning sound and LED. This package is the perfect system forfront linesorborders.

Composed with:

SNOOPER Sensor Head + Extender + Extender Receiver

Option Modules

Besides SNOOPER Package,a variety of option modules are available for the user's applications, and it is also possible to build up the USER's own interface model.  Please contact us. ( )

Stand-alone Controller

Using stand-alone controller makes simpler system configuration, and it is easy to build up small and powerful security system with SNOOPER.

Wireless LAN Interface

Using the Wireless LAN Interface, user can installSNOOPERmore conveniently.

RF TX/RX/Repeater

RF transmitter and repeater expands  communication distance with easy installation.

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