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MAGO technology has the cutting edge technology ofDigital Signal Processing, MagneticandAnalog Sensor.We have a strong competitive ability to design the  hybridsystem of Digital and Analog sensor.


​Long Distance Metal Detecting Sensor

Unlike conventional metal detectors,SNOOPERuses the variation of Earth magnetic field. In order to detect the movement of an iron object from a long distance away, extremely high magnetic sensitivity is required up to that of military sensor of SQIUD that is used for detecting submarine under the sea.

This idea of the detection of armed human movement using a precise magnetic sensor was first developed byMAGO technology, and finallyMAGO technologymade this idea possible successfully.

SNOOPERhas the unique magnetic sensor structure of hybrid system(analog + digital), and also adopted with the cutting edge technology of digital signal processing algorithms to detect a nano level perturbation of Earth magnetic field.SNOOPERis more sensitive than any other conventional magnetic instruments by 1000~10,000 times except SQUID.

SNOOPERalso can be used to build up an innovative invisible detection fence around important facilities to detect approaching vehicles.

SNOOPERwas originally developed for military purposes, but it also has many applications of securities, anti-terror systems such as an stealth inspection system for a school entrance, airports, VIP scans, etc.

In a crowded urban city, we have many kinds of magnetic noise sources. SNOOPER-DP system has a special structure for cancellation  of magnetic noise around the sensor.

SNOOPER-DP system is the perfect portable and invisible metal detecting system for a theater, school, political meetings, etc. _cc781905 bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

One of the strong benefits ofSNOOPER-DPis that people does not feel uncomfortable at all, even they do not notice that they just passed a security check system, so it is possible to build up a much FASTERinspection system than the conventional metal detector more than 10 times.



Vehicle Detecting Sensor with FS type magnetic technology

Unlike conventional magnetic sensors such as 3-axis magnetic compass modules,CARDEThas the unique technology ofFS(feedback stabilizing) magnetic sensing properties, so it can maintain the original detection areas and sensing characteristics against various magnetic noises on the road.FS magnetic sensorshows the superior stable characteristics and

performance than conventional magnetic sensors.AlsoFS magnetic sensor in CARDEThas its own DSP and digital adaptive algorithms, and the whole performance was optimized to the car detection on the road. 

The proximity sensor insideCARDET‐301is not a conventional ultrasonic sensor but a specially designedDI(digital integral) proximity sensorthat has an extra DSP and integral measurement algorithms for stable detection.MAGO technologydeveloped a special measurement method using integral structure and correlation signals from the target object.DI proximity sensorcanextract the exact signalfrom the target object under various severe noises.


Conventional LOOP COILs cannot detect precisely the starting point of the vehicle when it passes by, butCARDET-301sensor has a special function to detect the edge of the vehicle accurately, this function is essential to acounting deviceand theprecise control of safety bar.  


RA Series

High reliability TRAIN Detecting Sensor

Train Sensor RA-400 is an innovative synthetic sensor that internally composed of 2 innovative sensor modules ofFS magnetic and RADAR proximity sensorsto detect trains or subways on railways under strong EMI noises. It detects only trains and do not make false alarm for rain or snow under heavy noises on the railways.

AlsoRA series has the elaborate magnetic solution for detecting themovementof a train. ARA-400 can be installed at the center of the two rails, and also on the side fixture of the rail. It does not effect from heavy snow, rain and leaves.

Trains usually use high voltage of high currents for the dragging power, and they have many kinds of electrical devices that emit various noises such as AFC, motor, electric suspensions, synchronizing devices etc.  

RA Series has the edge technology of special measurement structure for anti-noises, and optimized digital filters for filtering out various noises on railways.

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